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Cime Tempestose – Wuthering Heights

Maria Sole Cassata, IV B

Liceo Classico Mandralisca - Cefalù

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Liceo Classico Mandralisca

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Wuthering Heights is a novel so powerful that it transcends the time. Wuthering Heights is a drammatic novel of love, jealousy, revenge, hate, written by Emily Bronte in 1847. It is set in the mid-nineteenth century in the harsh english moor, the Yorkshire. The setting represents a mirror of the violent  passions of the characters. The novel tells the tormented love story between Heathcliff and the stepsister Catherine, opposed by two families: the Earnshaws who live at Wuthering Heights and  the house reflects the brutal nature of Heathcliff,  and the Lintons who live at Thrushcross Grange, and the house reflects the conception of life  based on serenity and respectability. The two houses will  find harmony with the marriage of Cathy and Hareton. In fact  only  the second generation survives  this destructive passion through their mutual love. There is a correspondence between the violent passion of characters and the themes of Romanticism: love, loneliness, revenge, and death. The love between Catherine and Heathcliff goes beyond passion to a form of spiritually lasting beyond death and material world, which inquires into the human need to transcend and adds supernatural elements to the story. The Death isn’t an end, but it represents the liberation of the soul from suffering and torment. Structurally the novel is rich and thematically complex. There are two major narrators, outsider, Mr Lockwood, and insider, Nelly. The narrators does not follow a chronological order, there are a lot of flashbacks that create a supernatural atmosphere. Wuthering Heights isn’t an easy read. It is a journey into the deepest part of the human soul which brings to light strong and conflicting emotions.  It’s a classic that deserves to be read, because it is modern, powerful, without hipocrisy. This old novel opens up discussion of many of the concerns of today’s teenage students. It shows how prejudices, the violence, the destructive love, and the inability to comunicate openly  one’s  feelings which can have only devastating consequences on oneself and others.

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