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Fluid Idantities

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Wuthering Heights is a really interesting novel, an excellent source of insight and debate into each character’s actions and motivations.

Heathcliff’s fluidity in “Wuthering Heights” is multifaceted. Initially introduced as a mysterious, dark-skinned orphan, his background remains ambiguous, allowing readers to project various interpretations onto him.

His identity seems to shift and evolve throughout the novel, shaped by his experiences and desires.

From his intense love for Catherine Earnshaw to his vengeful pursuit of power, Heathcliff’s fluidity reflects the complexities of human nature and the influence of the environment on his character development.

His ability to adapt and manipulate illustrates the blurred lines between good and evil, making him one of literature’s most compelling and enigmatic figures.

Similarly to Heathcliff’s character, Catherine’s is also shifting throughout the novel, when she’s at Wuthering Heights we can see her true personality, the un-lady like one, while when she’s at Thrushcross Grange her identity is shaped into something different, like pouring water from a box to another.

She’s depicted as passionate, headstrong, and sometimes selfish. Catherine’s love for Heathcliff is intense but tumultuous due to societal pressures and her own conflicted feelings. Her choices drive much of the novel’s drama, showcasing her internal struggle between societal expectations and her desire for freedom and love.

Her love seems to be impossible to understand and, in my opinion, it will remain as such.

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